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Final Fantasy: Angel of Acheron 
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Post Final Fantasy: Angel of Acheron
Yeah just relocating this from DDFF. If you need your profile info again I can PM it to you; just repost it once you get here. Any world info I can repost by request. Just figuring everyone's registered here, and I'm tired of playing ring around the rosy with the resident troll.

Name: Hishari
Age: ~25
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Naga
Class: White Mage/Archer with some Green and Time Magic

Physical Description:
Spoiler: show
More often than not while in Port Haven Hishari keeps herself in her human guise; in that form she stands approximately 5'3" and weighs 113 lbs. In her true shape she is about 13' long from head to tail, and her serpent half is green-black and red-gold in color.

Clothing: Hishari dresses simply, preferring earthy colors such as green and brown. She braids several locks of her hair with elaborate ribbons of varying colors, but red and white - the colors of the White Mages - are easily her favorites and most common. She also wears a white scarf with a border of red triangles, in the same pattern as the traditional White Mage's robes.

Occupation: Hishari is a healer by trade, a member of the Ordo Ulcisior Pietas, and a scribe of the Quills of Illayn.

Skills/Abilities: As a healer Hishari relies just as much on mundane means - herbalism, some minor alchemy, anatomy, etc. - as she does on magical; she prefers to have her patients heal naturally and saves magic for life-threatening situations and emergencies such as her compatriots on missions where downtime is not an option. She is also a skilled archer and has spent time learning how to craft and fletch her own arrows.

Class Abilities: Most of her spells are specifically geared towards healing or defending: Cure, Protect, Antidote, Soft, Mute, Regen, Scan. She has a few offensive spells - Dia, mainly, as it proves useful against undead. Otherwise she relies mostly on her bow.

Resources/Items/Possessions: Likely her most prized possession is her longbow, one of her few remaining belongings from Senkakku. Crafted of the dark blue-black wood of those distant island's deep forests, it is remarkably strong and resilient but flexible enough to make an excellent weapon.

History: Hishari was born in the lands of the Crab Clan of Senkakku. The Crab holds much of the northern quadrant of the inhabitable islands of the archipelago, and along with the Naga they stand first sentinel against the horrors of the Shadowlands further north. Like most Naga she was trained from a very young age to work alongside the Crab mages and samurai as well as her own people in fighting off the demonic shadows of those tainted places. She took to archery like most Naga, but also showed a penchant for healing and quickly became a skilled minister. More often than not she would be back away from any fighting, mending the injuries of those brought back from battle and sending them forth once again into the jaws of the enemy.

In time she tired of the near ceaseless battles and departed the lands of her people. She knew this act would make her considered disgraced and a traitor, to abandon her people to fight the darkness without her, but she could not reconcile her choice of a life of being a healer with the constant need to send those she tended back to only see them injured again; meanwhile the enemy seemed to have nigh infinite forces, so that no matter how many they cut down there were always more fiends to stand in their places. She made her way south, moving from island to island but never staying in one place long, making a living as a traveling physician to small farming, fishing, and stock villages as she went. Eventually after some years of travel she reached the southernmost end of the archipelago; with nowhere further to go she took the first ship to the mainland and ended up in Osprey Harbor, on the southwest side of the Denvushain Desert.

The desert was unlike anything her own homelands had to compare with, and she found the arid climate and sheer heat all but unbearable. She spent some time in Osprey after attempting to traverse the desert once, not knowing the sheer expanse of the waste, but eventually knew that her time in the port town was almost over and this time traveled along with a caravan bound east, traveling along as a healer with the merchants. This time her journey brought her to Grumbar's Gate, where she found herself mystified by the grandness of the Titan Rail; she managed to have saved enough coin to afford a ticket from the Gate to Port Haven.

In Port Haven, after some time of meandering aimlessly in the vast merchant city, she met Father Cid Bartimaeus of the Ordo Ulcisior Pietas. The old priest introduced her to the Order and its goals, as well as to the knowledge-seeking scribes of the Quills of Illayn, and Hishari quickly became enamored with both groups. It was Cid's mentorship that helped her overcome her dislike of sending wounded warriors back into battle, and helped her come to the understanding that even if they are broken repeatedly heroes must stand once again to face the darkness. Since then she has worked in Haven as a healer and scribe, occasionally being sent on missions with the Ordo or archeological excavations for the Quills.

Personality: Calm and reserved, she is generally content to remain in the background and let others lead, providing insight or suggestions but almost never attempting to take control. She prides herself in her skill as a healer and focuses almost completely on making sure any companions to which she is assigned or finds herself accompanying survive with as few wounds as possible and no permanent injury. She is fairly quiet once combat is joined, narrowing all her attention to whatever task is at hand, be it casting a spell or taking aim with her bow.

Interesting Facts: She always keeps her human form in cities; however she generally reverts to her Naga shape once she's left town unless she's on a highly-populated transit such as a train or airship.

She keeps a wide variety of herbs on her person for various minor infirmities - willowbark for minor pain, spice powder for sinus problems, etc.

She refers to herself as a priest, though if pressed will generally claim that the difference between that and a White Mage is one of semantics, but does not appear to be associated with any specific church, just the Ordo which is intentionally unaffiliated.

She keeps a meticulous journal of all her journeys, and generally elaborates on them greatly for the archives of the Quills once she returns to Port Haven.


Sun Nov 14, 2010 9:06 pm
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Post Re: Final Fantasy: Angel of Acheron
Name: Jaheirie
Age: 371
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Elf (wood)
Class: Summoner

Physical Description / Clothing:

Spoiler: show

Occupation: Former elf queen.

Skills/Abilities: Particularly skilled in summoning magic but is adept at other schools. She's stronger than most would give her credit for but she relies on her magical skills when it comes to combat. She can hold her own in melee against some foes but she's not that good at melee combat. Summoning is a rather taxing process and Jaheirie does not like to perform it often.

Class Abilities:
Summons - Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, Kirin, Sylph, Carbuncle, Leviathan, Seraph
Geomancy - Depends on the surrounding environment.
Green - Shell, Protect, Faith, Bravery, Silence, Sleep, Blind, Toxify, Tranquillity, Leap

Resources/Items/Possessions: She doesn't carry much aside from her staff and armour. She has a small amount of coin that she keeps hidden on her person for the rare occasion of dealing with civilisation. She mainly uses her abilities to conjure what food and water she needs to survive.

History: Jaheirie will not talk about her past. She was praised for her work in the unification of the elves and appointed queen but she was also quickly blamed for their defeat in the last war. This defeat and her subsequent butchering of her subordinates lead to her being sentenced to death. Jaheirie refused and simply left the elves. Out of respect or possibly fear, the new rulers simply accepted this and declared her banished. While nobody ever openly talks about it, there is something very odd surrounding her defeat and departure from the elves. Jaheirie's business is usually her own and at best, it appears she is searching for something or someone.
She has come to Port Haven with the intention of joining The Quills of Illayn. She is currently going by the name Aheria and has disguised her armour somewhat so that it appears more mundane.

Personality: Reserved. Quiet. Prideful.

Interesting Facts:
Hates Moogles, Naga, Dwarves, Satyrs and the painted Elves.
Strongly distrusts Humans.

This is a tiny tale of time concerning war between friends. Destiny decided to challenge us, and so we chose to end the world in order to meet our mortality. There was nothing to regret. Nothing...

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Post Re: Final Fantasy: Angel of Acheron
Name: Vincent Dolch
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Race: Human
Class: Assassin

Physical Description:
-Mid-Long Brown Hair, doesn't goes beyond his shoulders.
-Slightly pale skin.
-Strong but flexible constitution.
-Athletic build.
-Black eyes.
-Height: 6'3" Ft.
-Weight: 210 lb.

-Wears both a headband and mouth-mask to conceal most of his face save for his eyes.
-Long black trench coat.
-Flexible black vest over coat for extra protection.
-Neck of trench coat covers almost half of the face, enough for him to still be able to turn his head and easily see his surroundings though, adding more concealment.
-Boots, specially designed for speedy escapades and sneaking on targets.
-Two belts, one carrying his sword and the other one various daggers.
-Obviously, pants of the exact same color as his trench coat and vest.

Occupation: Assassin-for-Hire

-Masterful marksmanship and swordsmanship.
-Knows where to attack to inflict quick death blows on close combat.
-Expert infiltrator.
-Able to survive on extreme conditions.
-Very skilled on unarmed combat.

Class Abilities: (Since Assassin class is also an upgrade from the Sniper class, I'll add some of the Sniper's skills on this area as well...hey, the Arbalest has to be good for something besides killing life-time experienced knights...that's just not enough!)

Assassin Skills:

Last Breath - Perhaps the most indispensable skill for an Assassin, while not a real "casting skill" itself, it is just the name to the technique on how to efficiently kill someone swiftly and silently.

Oblivion - When discovered Vincent utilizes this skill to inflict Addle on his victims, Addle makes the victim unable to use any skill they know for a small amount of time, long enough to let Vincent complete his contract.

Sniper Skills:

Doubleshot - Attack twice in quick succession.

Beso Toxico - Damage and inflicts Poison.

Conceal - Bestows Invisible for a short period of time.

-His katana Masamune.
-An Arbalest.
-Quiver of poisoned bolts.
-Various daggers and throwing knives.

History: Born in Jasper, no one could have expected that young Vincent would grow up to be a cold-blooded Assassin. From his early youth Vincent was regarded as a brilliant warrior and he was expected to become a Paladin by many, there were no tragedies in his life, no evil being that took his parents, no raid of bandits that killed his friends and loved ones, nothing that someone could attribute this sudden change to. Sometime along his 18th and 19th birthday he simply disappeared, never to be heard of again by no one in Jasper...same could be said of everyone who knew him closely, most of them disappeared and some even went as far to attribute this is a curse laid by the Witch of the White Woods and the Frozen Forest.

Anyway, everyone that knew him was gone and it is even rumored that Vincent Dolche is not his real name to begin with, so there is no real way to know if any of this is true besides trying to buy it out from Vincent. What is known, though, is how he has been spending his life since becoming an Assassin, and it can be easily summarized as: traveling the world, killing/kidnapping/sabotaging people for a price from town to town...and getting better with every job.

A wanted man from Olympia to Denvushain, and even in his supposed hometown of Jasper, the price on his head is as high as the exorbitant fees he asks in exchange for his skills but this doesn't stops him from doing his dirty deeds. Whatever might have been his reasons to become an Assassin, Vincent is who he is right now and he doesn't shows signs of stopping anytime soon.

He now stumbles into Port Haven, waiting for his next job.

Personality: Vincent is a man of his job, he would do any work no matter how small or how big for a sum of money he fixes accordingly to the job. He doesn't seem to have many (visible) morals, seeing as he'll do anything (and mostly everything) for money, even if it involves switching sides immediately after a contract is completed. He only takes a single job at a time. He also claims to be uneasy in crowded places, preferring to be alone and in hiding.

Vincent is never more than one month on any populated place, no matter how small the place could be. The only way one could gain the anger of Vincent, which is a really stupid idea, is by not staying true to the paying end of the contract obviously, if the stories are to be believed he once destroyed a whole clan when the head of the clan decided it was a good idea to not pay him.

He has no known close relatives, no known friends or no known home, apparently being an Assassin leaves no room for any of these things. Though this doesn't means that he is not able to be "social-minded" if the contract requires it, again, Vincent is a man of his job and he is prepared for any of them.

Interesting Facts:
- Vincent asks for money even to perform menial tasks, many people have tried to find out what he does with all of this money but when asked he demands an amount of money only the richest of the rich could hope paying for...and in the process lose most if not all of their wealth.
- The only times he is without his mouth-mask is when in a random tavern having a drink, this is also usually the most common way of finding him.
- Also enjoys hunting.


Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:56 pm
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Post Re: Final Fantasy: Angel of Acheron
Name: Rose May

Age: 21


Alignment:Chaotic Good

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Physical Description: Shoulder length black hair, dark olive skin, brown eyes, scar going diagonally between her eyes down to her nose, massive scar on her throat, 5, 5ft tall, weighs 140 pounds, athletic figure, cute.

Clothing: Light leather gold coloured armour, red and green kilt, baggy green trousers, gold steel boots, fingerless gloves, red bandana, black choker covering scar on throat.

Occupation: Soldier

Skills/Abilities: Very Good sword skills, basic white magic.

Class Abilities: (spells known would go here for mages)


Resources/Items/Possessions: A Katana, 3 flasks of water, sunscreen, pen, spare pieces of paper, a tent and a sleeping bag in a.....bag

History: From the capital city of Adaiele, she has lived in Denvushain for all her life.

When she was 11 years old, while returning from school with her parents, they were attacked by a group of muggers, cornered, they were only saved by a group of guards of Adaiele, while she had originally planned to be a poet when she grew up, this event inspired her to take up arms as a Paladin when she was 18.

Trained to take on not only criminals, but also monsters that thought up the bright idea of attacking the city, her life was relatively peaceful, there weren't many massively horrible monsters that attacked, and all the crooks just tended to be too drunk to put up a fight, that is till she turned 21.

On patrol with a man called Leon who she had been working with for 2 years, she was attacked by a gang of 4, taken by surprise, her face cut up and losing her sword in the confusion, she retreated back towards Leon, only for him to slash her throat open, with the gang and Leon only retreating due to another patrol spotting the scene.

It had turned out that Leon had been rather unhappy with his work as a Paladin, so looking for a way out that gave him a good paycheck, he met with a crime lord via a member that had been recently incarcerated, the best way to prove that he was legit? Kill his partner of course!

Barely surviving due to a blood donation from her father, albeit at the cost of her vocal chords being damaged beyond repair, this event lead to her becoming detached and untrusting to others, even if she did have her voice, that would still be the case, her ability to trust heavily damaged by this event

-Unable to speak due to wound to throat.
-Usually keeps to herself
-Finds it hard to trust people
-Will punch you if you insult her inability to speak
-Can get clingy if she really likes someone
-Likes practical jokes
-Silent snarker
-Closet pervert
-Has a tendency to inner monologue, zoning out to the rest of the world
-Willing to break law for greater good
-Rather pragmatic in battle

Interesting Facts:
-LOVES Moogles, goes gooey eyed around them x3
-Has excellent eyesight and hearing
-Is a good cook, loves pasta
-Likes poetry, writes her own
-Owns a pet Chocobo, called Bartz
-Needless to say, likes Chocobo's
-Likes art


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Post Re: Final Fantasy: Angel of Acheron
Name: Kuplidan
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Alignment: True Neutral
Race: Moogle
Class: Black Mage

Physical Description:
Spoiler: show

Clothing: Kuplidan only wears a classic black mage style hat. He carries a staff that resembles an eloquently carved cane, topped with a gem, which is his Moogle Staff.

Occupation: Researcher of Monstrous Life Forms for the Department of Biological Science at Kupo University

Chef - Kuplidan can cook pretty well
Fishermoogle - Kuplidan is proficient at catching fish
Field Survival - Kuplidan can last on his own in the wild
Keen Observation - Kuplidan, despite having squinty eyes, can see in dark places and can detect subtle movments
Monster Analysis - Kuplidan can gather data on wild monsters simply by studying its movements (Kinda like Scan or Libra, but not nearly as thorough as the actual spells)

Class Abilities: (Note: Using XI's nomenclatures, he'd be roughly Level 20 starting out--skilled, but still a greenhorn)

Job Abilities:

Manafont: All spells require 0 MP reserves to cast for a short amount of time. Usable once every 24 hours.
Elemental Seal: Ensures the next black magic spell connects without resistance.

Job Traits:

Magic Attack Bonus: Magic spells cast by black mages have more damage potential than other mages of the same level.
Clear Mind: MP reserves are restored slightly faster when resting.
Conserve MP: 25% activation rate. If activated, a spell is approximately 25% less taxing than usual.


Elemental (Black Magic) Spells

Stone: Basic earth-type damage
Water: Basic water-type damage
Aero: Basic wind-type damage
Fire: Basic fire-type damage
Blizzard: Basic ice-type damage
Thunder: Basic lightning-type damage
Stonega: (AoE) Earth-type damage. Damage is divided amongst total number of targets.
Waterga: (AoE) Water-type damage. Damage is divided amongst total number of targets.

Enfeebling (Green Magic) Spells

Poison: (DoT) Water-element spell. Poisons target, dealing damage over time.
Blind: Blinds target, lowering accuracy.
Bind: Immobilizes target, preventing them from moving for a short period of time.
Sleep: Causes target to fall asleep.
Shock: (DoT) Lightning-element spell. Lowers an enemy's ability to resist enfeebling spells. Cancels Drown. Is canceled by Rasp. Deals damage over time.
Rasp: (DoT) Earth-element spell. Lowers an enemy's dexterity, affecting their accuracy (though not to the same extent as Blind). Cancels Shock. Is canceled by Choke. Deals damage over time.
Choke: (DoT) Wind-element spell. Lowers an enemy's vitality, affecting their physical defense. Cancels Rasp. Is canceled by Frost. Deals damage over time.

Dark Magic Spells

Bio: (DoT) Toxic spell that causes the enemy to take internal damage over time. Lowers an enemy's physical attack power. Can be cured with Erase or Esuna.
Drain: Steals a target's HP. Ineffective versus undead.

Enhancement/Utility Spells

Blaze Spikes: Fire-element spell. Self-target only. Anybody who attacks while this spell is in effect takes moderate fire damage.
Ice Spikes: Ice-element spell. Self-target only. Anybody who attacks while this spell is in effect takes light ice damage, and has a 25% chance of being paralyzed.
Warp: Transports the caster to the last inn visited.

Resources/Items/Possessions: 10x Potion, 10x Ether, 5x Phoenix Down, Mog Satchel (Which is kinda like a bag of holding), Moogle Staff (for the castings of many spells, kupo!), Monster Specimen Kit (which contains various instruments and containers, for the extraction and holding of monstrous tissue samples)

History: Not much is known about Kuplidan before he started working at Kupo University five years ago. (Then again, not much is known about Kupo University, either!) Since enrolling, his skills as a field researcher and Black Mage have earned him plenty of respect amongst the halls of Kupo University, and while not exactly famous, anybody who has dabbled in the field of science has heard his name at least once. Otherwise, he's just an ordinary moogle man.

Personality: In general, very caring towards others. He seems to fancy himself as an attractive moogle, hitting on females of all races from time to time. When it comes to work ethic, Kuplidan is willing to risk his neck to get a much needed sample.

Interesting Facts:
-Kuplidan's efforts in sample collection aids in the research of Blue Magic.
-Kuplidan has been studying black magic for many years, and in addition to being employed by Kupo University, he's also enrolled there as a student.
-Kuplidan is very possessive of his staff.
-Kuplidan secretly enjoys tummyrubs.
-Yes, Kuplidan does end his sentences with "Kupo".

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