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The Fated Circle 
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Post Re: The Fated Circle
Abby reflected on what Mr. Gray Hair had said. "Well, they are small, I guess. So lizards are nice, snakes are bad, and frogs are small. But wait, everyone says reptiles are abhorrent, so they're all bad. Frogs aren't reptiles though, they're amphibians." her mind then shifted to a different track. "So if I were to build a robot lizard that was amphibious, would it be a frog then? No, it'd still be a lizard because frogs don't have tails. Then if I got rid of the tail and made it look like a frog and called it a robot lizard, then it wouldn't be a lizard though I could claim it was. Then there's the matter of snakes but nobody wants a robot snake and..." She continued to ramble like this for a while, not even aware of the two men at the table anymore.

Jib picked up the plate and thanked Graine. He headed over to where Abby was, careful not to knock anyone over or upset their meal. "Master!" he called out to Abby. As he approached, Abby was still muttering to herself, the gears in her head turning at an incredible speed.
"...but that complicates as to how you could even fit that many missiles in it, so maybe it could just have a flamethrower and a buzzsaw on its head."
"Master, I brought you your-"
"Ah! Jib!" exclaimed Abby. "You're right on time. I decided to build a giant robot dolphin, I'll need your help."
"Uh, of course, Master. Can it wait until after your breakfast though?"
Abby clapped her hands together. "All right, breakfast!" She sat down at the table with Mr. Gray Hair and Frog Guy, taking the plate from Jib and digging in.
"Um, Master, perhaps we shouldn't bother these gentlemen and find our own-"
"Jib!" shouted Abby "Toast! Now!"
Jib made a weird sound that might have been a sigh. "Coming right up, Master." The top of his head popped open, revealing two slots. He took the slices of bread and placed them inside. After a moment, there was a loud 'DING!' and some toast popped out.

Sat Jun 19, 2010 12:14 am
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Post Re: The Fated Circle
Kikker was put off a bit by the woman's rambling. He wasn't sure if he should go back to talking to Cestal or not. He sat there awkwardly for a bit before he decided that it might be some time before she stopped. Just as he was about to resume conversation the robot walked over and after a very brief talk the woman sat at the table and the huge robot... made toast. It seemed to Kikker that the woman and her robot were a very strange pair and he'd be here all day if he waited on their eccentricities. He looked back to Cestal and cleared his throat. "Now, where were we?"

This is a tiny tale of time concerning war between friends. Destiny decided to challenge us, and so we chose to end the world in order to meet our mortality. There was nothing to regret. Nothing...

Thu Jun 24, 2010 6:48 pm
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